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Consumer Thoughts.

Abhishek Madhu


Got INR 75 cash back from @getsimpl for ordering from @BehrouzBiryani on @eatsureofficial Got same amount last month on @zomato with Simpl. No "points" crap. Straight up cash. Love this no-nonsense approach.
4:17 PM-Feb 14, 2022

Nishita John


So impressed with @getsimpl. Used their app for the first time on a recommendation of a friend. A Buy now pay later fintech model through your phone and crif score. And a damn good discount on @zomato How cool is that! #fintech #bnpl
11:32 AM-Feb 17, 2022

neetu singh


@getsimpl You are wonderful in everything. Thank you so much for great service :)
10:17 PM-Feb 21, 2022



@getsimpl Great financial management system! bills twice per month, Good reminders! #creditcard #digitalcreditcard #savemoney #simpl
4:25 PM-Mar 3, 2022

Jagnya Prasad


I think @getsimpl is give the best service on all financial services. I has using @getsimpl on last few months back ( i.e. 3-4 month) but Now it is my very useful and helpful app on my phone 😃. thank you thank you lots 🥰.
7:13 PM-Mar 5, 2022

Varun Krishnan


A product like @getsimpl is an amazing way to deal with transaction failures and reduce cart abandonment rates! Sheer genius thanks @vinuthomas for the recommendation @nsharma0813
9:57 PM- Mar 22, 2022

Aditya Kumar Jha


@getsimpl I'm user of simpl Approx 3 year my experience is awesome with simpl every place where simpl is available i have nothing worry for purchase any product. My best wishes to simpl for success. Lots of thank you.
9:36 PM-Apr 10, 2022

Smarak Jeet Nayak


Hey @getsimpl Your cashbacks are faster than @letsblinkit 😂😂 Although got my order under 7 min from Blinkit. Thanks both for making ours life easier and faster
9:27 AM-Mar 17, 2022

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Control, Trust & Affordability

  • Control over your credit identity

    Simpl uses its own machine learning models to understand customers. We don’t follow the rules of credit scores.

  • Transparency and Trust

    No hidden fees or stacks of paperwork with terms and conditions. Everything from bills to refunds is transparent.

  • Simpl

    Affordability with Pay Later

    Spend in a way that makes you comfortable. Simpl lets you spread your monthly income across your shopping needs.

You Ask. We Answer!

  • Is Simpl Safe to Use?

    Yes, Simpl is among the most premier checkout experiences available today. Due to a network of 40 million approved users and over 1 million daily transacting shoppers, Simpl is clearly among the most trusted payment options on a network of over 26,000+ brands. Simpl uses a highly robust data and engineering model to approve users on the basis of their own proprietary scoring system without impacting customers' overall credit history. The algorithms used in the back-end undergo an ever-evolving process of iteration, making them more nuanced and efficient each day.

    In case of delinquency in bill payment, Simpl does levy a pre-decided and agreed-upon fee only on the outstanding amount and intimates its users on doing so. The buy now, pay later option on Simpl is designed for user convenience - a fact evidenced by over 5 Million downloads that the app has on its Google Play and App Store platforms.

    Signing up on Simpl is quite easy and can be done in minutes. Simpl bills as well can be repaid via Autopay or UPI, which further bolsters the faith among users that their data is safe and secure on the platform. The purpose of the Simpl app can be easily explained in a few words - Simpl is a checkout network that enables merchants to build trust and form a long-term relationships with their consumers. Simpl believes in empowering merchants and users at the same time by offering ease and convenience.

  • How is my spending limit determined?

    Your spending limit is initially set by default. But once you start using Simpl, the limit is constantly updated based on a few major factors.

    How regularly you repay: Regular and prompt repayment is the most important factor in updating your spending limit. If you’re quick and consistent in settling your dues with Simpl, your spending limit increases over time. Needless to say, consistently failing to do so will have the opposite effect.

    Your spending habits: The spending limit will mirror your purchasing habits. If your spending increases steadily, the limit will go up too.

    Using the Simpl app: The Simpl app lets us carry out further verifications based on data available on the phone. For example, based on your transactional SMS messages, Simpl can increase your spending limit to match your overall spending.

    The strength of your profile: A strong profile allows us to verify your identity, and get to know you better. Simpl uses this information to increase your spending limit.

  • Does Simpl do anything if someone doesn’t pay?

    If a payment isn’t made by the due date, Simpl can charge a late penalty of up to Rs. 250 + applicable taxes (GST). In case a user informs us about any issue s/he is facing, we will withhold the late penalty. Or reverse it, depending on the situation.

    Users are also notified multiple times via Email, SMS and other reminder notifications before the penalty is levied. We hate hidden charges as much as you.

    In case you're facing any issue, do drop us a message, and we'll get back to you at the earliest and have it resolved.

  • How does Simpl’s billing cycle work?

    Your Simpl bill is generated twice a month.

    All your transactions between 1st and 15th are added into one bill, which is generated on the 15th.

    All transactions made between 16th and 30th/31st are added into one bill, which is generated on, you guessed it, 30th/31st.

    Of course, you can choose to pay for your transactions even before your bill is generated. You can do so by logging into your account via our website or app.

  • How is Simpl safer than cards and other modes of payment?

    When you buy online, you have to carefully enter all your details every time. Sadly, this complicated verification process only gives you the illusion of security. In reality, the chances of fraud go up every time you share information over the internet.

    With Simpl, your payment details are never passed to the merchant. By drastically reducing the number of times you give out your banking data online, we drastically reduce the chances of fraud! :)

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